Yoga Shmoga

So in an attempt to get myself into shape I thought I’d give yoga a try.

Now I know yoga isn’t going to enable me to loose any weight, I decided to give this a bash because I thought it would help develop strength and flexibility (especially in my destroyed core thanks to being preggers) and once I’d established that the step to getting back into cardio (running and rowing) would be an easier one. Plus I was looking forward to an hour of peace and quite.

Well it turns out Yoga is fucking hard!

I mean, Jesus, if this was the beginners class I can’t even comprehend what the advanced class is like.

I found it really hard. I didn’t know the moves, I couldn’t get in and out of them that quick, I couldn’t even find my “core” let alone engage it… and breathing!? I was struggling to remember to breathe at all let alone exhaling and inhaling at the right moments. I didn’t just find it hard from a “I don’t bend that way” perspective but yoga really makes you take stock of your body and what shape it is in. After such a long time with my head in the sand I found this very difficult.

I used to be very flexible, and I do still have that flexibility in certain places (like my hips, where they went all loose when I was pregnant and never quite settled back again), but I have the shortest tendons ever, it seems, and I just don’t have any strength in my body at all. I really thought with all the walking I was doing, and being a part time cleaner, I wouldn’t be in too bad shape under the flab. I was wrong.

A significant and distressing moment was when we were asked to hug out knees whilst on our back. I think this was even one of the warming down movements, and I realised that I couldn’t get my chin anywhere near my knees any more. Not because I’m not flexible in this instance, but because my GUT is so MASSIVE it got in the way.

I actually had a little cry a this moment… but the lights were low and most people had their eyes closed so I think I got away with it.

By the end of the class every muscle hurt and I was a bit emotional. My first reaction is “well I’m crap at it and I don’t like it so ner I’m not going again” (child)

I got home and had a little cry at my husband, and as per usual he didn’t quite know what to make of me, but he did persuade me to keep at it. I can’t make a judgement on something from just one hour.. and i’m doing this to help me get back in shape so quitting because I don’t like the shape I’m currently in is a little foolish.

I woke up the next day in agony. Muscles I didnt even know I had were hurting… and now two days later I’m still aching. I do NOT like being uncomfortable. I’ve had some people tell me they enjoy the “post workout ache”. Nutters. Complete and utter weirdos.


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